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Key Trends for Bathrooms


Once upon a time, bathrooms were purely functional spaces, discreetly tucked away at the back of the house. In the modern home, on the other hand, they tend to be given star status. Influenced by a growing focus on the show-stopping bathrooms and extravagant spa facilities of luxury hotels, homeowners are increasingly seeing the bathroom as a trend-led space in which they can unleash their creativity and inject personality.

In previous blog posts we have covered trends such as warm metallics and perfect pastels, but the bathroom is proving to be a surprisingly versatile space for a range of emerging trends, with a particular emphasis on texture, colour and quirky finishes.


Statement colour

Bathrooms are most often associated with white, but bold colour is a great way to offset all the hard surfaces that can make the space feel cold and clinical. As with other rooms in the home, dark and dramatic colour palettes are proving popular in the bathroom. There is currently a strong focus on green, which, because of its association with calmness and wellbeing, is an ideal choice for the bathroom; but we’re also seeing inky blues, charcoal greys, deep aubergine tones and even black, all of which are striking partners for white and metal finishes.


Unexpected materials

The bathroom is traditionally a space full of smooth surfaces, but the current trend for mixing and matching different materials and finishes has led to a more tactile experience. The use of concrete, for example, has spread from kitchen to bathroom, combining, as it does so well, with everything from white and wood to metallics and dramatic colour.

The textural trend has led to an increase in popularity in some of our more unusual finishes – most notably verdigris copper, which is enjoying a revival not only in the bathroom but across interiors as a whole. When exposed to air, copper slowly develops a striking green-blue patina; our products are chemically treated to speed up the process, so you don’t have to leave your bath or cistern outside for years in order to enjoy the look! It works beautifully with copper and brass, and the best thing about it is perhaps that (unlike many materials) it only gets better with age.

Other materials are used in unusual and innovative ways, without sacrificing any of the functionality that is essential in a bathroom. A great example of this is Catchpole & Rye’s new mirrored-finish Mayfair shower tray. Mirror is, of course, no stranger to a bathroom, but it is usually confined to the walls. Our bespoke tray transforms a necessity into a statement piece that exudes elegance. The design is shown here in silver nickel, but is also available in copper and brass finishes. Co-ordinate with a shower and taps in the same finish, or embrace the mixed-metal trend!


Jungle Fever / Totally Tropical

Lush greenery and exotic jungle-inspired schemes are hot in interiors right now, and are even finding their way into the bathroom. All shades of green work well with whites and metals, making it an easy look to integrate into an existing scheme. The simplest route is to add some houseplants to your space to create your very own private oasis, but choose carefully – only certain species will flourish in the humidity of a bathroom.

If you’re determined to indulge in some escapism, how about bringing a tropical paradise or jungle adventure into your home with a full-wall mural? We concede that this safari styling might be a little too eccentric for most people’s tastes, but it gives an idea of what is possible if you let your imagination run wild!

For a look that’s easier to live with but still brings an exuberant, exotic touch to your room, choose zesty, tropical colours such as fuchsia pinks, beachy blues and citrus hues. Catchpole & Rye’s baths can be painted any shade of your choosing, so don’t hold back!

In recent years, the bathroom has become a more relaxed, fluid and sociable space. Current trends are reflecting this shift in status, bringing colour, texture and personality to a room in which functionality has often been prioritised over aesthetics. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our showrooms in London, Tunbridge Wells or Ashford.

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