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Cast Metal Baths

Our Cast Metal Bath Collection

Cast in both iron and aluminium in Kent here in England, a Catchpole & Rye roll top bath is a result of generations of craftsmanship. Our unparalleled collection of freestanding metal bathtubs is available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes. We offer the option to customise your individual bath with a personal emblem or family crest cast into the metal of the bath.

Using traditional foundry techniques we manufacture our cast metal baths in iron and aluminium. Cast iron has long been the favoured metal used for traditional baths but as processes evolve we now offer cast aluminium as a lighter alternative. At 40% of the mass of iron, aluminium is an equally durable and hard-wearing base metal. Each piece from our metal bath collection is made to order at our local Kentish foundry. 

The process involved in making either a cast-iron bath or a cast aluminium bath is essentially the same until the final stage. In the case of the iron, we used recycled metal and fire it to over 1100 degrees celsius until it becomes molten. It is then poured into prepared sand moulds. It is similar to the cast aluminium which melts at a lower 700 degrees. Once cooled, the baths are removed, fettled and finished to order at our Pluckley Workshops. It is here our skilled craftsmen either paint or polish the exterior of the bath to a high shine, enamel the interior and add feet if required. All of our range of metal bathtubs can also have the exterior painted in a colour of your choice, and provide you with the ability to colour match your design scheme.

The roll-top baths we manufacture are inspired by original French and English cast iron bath designs of the late 19C and early 20c. With bathtubs to suit every taste, we have a vast offering of double ended freestanding designs and single-ended versions too. Available with and without feet, the range caters for modern and traditional preferences. Another popular option is the addition of custom emblems. We have the ability to create bespoke insignias to be cast onto the bath for that personal touch, as well as family crests or logos.

With an average weight of 180kg each, our cast iron baths are quite heavy and require suitable manpower to carry upstairs for example. And consideration needs to be made for the weight of the bath plus the water, and don’t forget the bather! If the weight of the bath presents an issue then a cast aluminium roll-top bath may provide the ideal solution. Weighing in at around 80kgs the aluminium cast metal bath is more manageable and less than half the weight of the cast-iron model.

Aesthetically, the cast aluminium and cast iron bathtubs are precisely the same and hopefully, this choice of metal will offer more flexibility within your project. If you have any specific concerns please contact our Technical Department who will be more than happy to provide expert advice.

Our bespoke, timeless bathtubs are delivered globally. We have showrooms in both London and Kent that are open 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. Our facilities here in Kent are expansive and showcase the very best of British Manufacturing. Guided tours are available on request, please arrange your visit by requesting a Kent Showroom Tour. 

All of these cast metal baths are available to order online, or if you prefer, you can contact a member of our team for further information.


Why should I choose a cast metal bath?

Cast iron is the most traditional material used for bath manufacture. In the 19th century when bathrooms were becoming commonplace within houses the use of cast iron was widespread. It provides a strong a durable fitting.

Is there a heat loss issue with cast iron?

Frankly most of the heat loss from a cast iron bath is not through the sides so the base material is not really a factor. Most of the heat dissipates from the water surface.

Do I need to reinforce my floor because I am fitting a cast iron bath?

As with any installation professional advice should be taken beforehand. A cast iron bath, plus 250 litres of water, plus a persons weight of say 70kgs will generate a loading of around 500kgs - which is half a tonne! So it is important that you do your structural calculations! You don’t want the bath to suddenly appear in the front room!

Are there issues with polished cast iron baths?

There can be. Cast iron rusts easily so if the lacquered exterior of your polished cast iron bath is broken it will rust very quickly. We recommend cast aluminium baths in these circumstances as the exterior will not oxidise like cast iron.

Can I have any feet on my cast iron bath?

Generally yes, but the feet are manufactured to only fit on specific baths with dedicated profiles and fittings.

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