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Designing a new bathroom is all about careful planning, so it’s natural that our customers and prospective customers have lots of queries when they visit our showrooms. For this blog post we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter, and consulted our expert team for the answers. We hope they’ll take you one step closer to your dream bathroom…


1. How do I plan my new bathroom?

We always advise customers to measure their room accurately and carry out some simple checks before committing to any new products. If you’re renovating an existing bathroom, bear in mind that you might need to design your layout around the existing pipes and plumbing. It is also helpful to test your water pressure and supply before making decisions on the location and style of your basin and shower. Let our team of experienced design consultants help you make the most of your space – they will discuss options with you, address any potential issues, make product suggestions that suit your budget and provide you with a CAD drawing of your final layout. Read more about how we can help you plan your perfect bathroom here.


2. What are the benefits of cast iron?

First and foremost, cast iron is incredibly strong and durable, so it will keep its finish for far longer than other materials. With most cast-iron baths weighing in at between 200kg and 250kgs, they should last a lifetime, making them a worthy investment. Cast iron also retains heat effectively, so the bathwater stays warmer for longer – great for those long, luxurious soaks!


3. What are the benefits of copper?

Like cast iron, copper is an excellent conductor of heat. One of the biggest advantages of a copper bath – along with nickel and brass – is the fact that it is much lighter than its cast-iron equivalent. These baths weigh at between 40kg and 50kg, meaning they can be easily manoeuvred to and installed in upper floors. This makes them a practical choice for a loft conversion or penthouse apartment.


4. Do you offer storage solutions?

Storage doesn’t have to be limited to a small medicine cabinet over the basin – why not make use of the space under the basin, too? Catchpole & Rye’s beautiful, handcrafted vanity units have space to house all your bathroom paraphernalia. Our roomiest options are the La Parisienne Double Vanity and the Pyrford Double Vanity. Both designs feature two large cupboards that are perfect for products and towels; the Parisienne Double Vanity also has three small top drawers for cosmetics and other bathroom essentials. Bespoke sizes are also available.


5. How do I inject colour or pattern into my bathroom?

Bathrooms might still be most commonly associated with white, but these days anything goes. Catchpole & Rye baths can be painted any colour of your choice – you can even have a matching cistern if you so desire! If you’re not ready to introduce colour via your sanitaryware, a bold feature wall or some interesting tiles will lift your scheme – Moroccan-style encaustic designs (for walls or floor) are a popular choice at the moment. For a subtle approach, consider an etched- or printed-glass bath panel or shower screen – patterns range from simple spots and stripes to more elaborate floral designs. For more ideas on using colour in your bathroom, see our blog posts on perfect pastels and statement colour.


6. Can I mix metallics in my bathroom?

Absolutely – combine different metals, or mix high-shine and matt finishes for a textured look. We’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of our copper, brass and nickel products in brushed or weathered finishes; the striking green-blue patina of verdigris is also enjoying a revival, not only in the bathroom but across interiors as a whole. Think about your taps and towel rails, too – we have an extensive range in silver or brushed nickel, chrome plate, polished or aged brass, and aged copper. Read more about the metallic trend here.


7. Where can I find out more information about your product specifications, finishes and prices?

All of these details can be found on our website – simply click on the relevant tabs within each product page. Alternatively, call or email us for more information.

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