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Seafront Surrealism


Our iconic beachfront photoshoot was the brainchild of our Creative Designer Lizzi. Shot four years ago in the midst of spring, the harsh nautical landscape and our contrasting luxury bathware resulted in a head-turning set of images that are still as impactful today.

Her vision was to juxtapose our products with the backdrop of the deserted fishing hinterland, that featured abandoned hulks of ships, old seafarers’ cabins and abandoned railway lines amongst other forgotten jewels.

CLICK HERE to watch our interview with Lizzi.

“It’s one of my favourite places in Kent to go and I regularly take Ruby, the family Labrador, down for walks along the beach-front. It was on one of these trips that the idea struck me.
I just loved the bleakness and thought it would pair magnificently with our range, as there is a real synergy in the materials we use and that of the artefacts scattered throughout the dramatic landscape. Tony was completely onboard and very enthusiastic about the possibility of combining our Kent manufacture with the maritime history of the county and so, the shoot was planned.”

          Lizzi Smith, Creative Designer

The organic weathering of the materials at Dungeness echoed that of our own metal finishes selected for the shoot. The Verdigris tones harmonised with old fishnets and lichen that dominated the derelict beach huts and the ash grey driftwood blended with dulled glints of brushed Nickel.

These are a selection of images providing a behind the scenes glimpse of the shoot. We had all hands-on deck making sure the products were transported safely and swiftly to each scene.

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