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The Pedestal Vase


Simply a work of art. The Pedestal Vase W/C Pan, is an original George Jennings design first registered in 1884. It won the gold Medal award at that year’s Health Exhibition and was acclaimed to be “as perfect a sanitary closet as can be made”.

George Jennings was an innovative British plumber who invented the first public conveniences and at the Great Exhibition of 1851 had over 850,000 people literally “spend a penny” using his flushing toilets for the first time. He was a Pioneer of British Plumbing and had a prosperous business manufacturing sanitary ware from his Dorset-based premises, George Jennings South West Pottery.

He won numerous awards in his lifetime through his service to public sanitation and was even awarded the Medal of Society Arts by Prince Albert for his ‘india rubber tube taps’ for public water supply. An unsung hero of the industrial Era it can be said that without Jennings modern day plumbing wouldn’t be what it is today.

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