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Turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis


Our attitude to the bathroom has changed. No longer seen as purely functional, it has become an indulgent space in which we choose to linger, wallow and relax mind, body and soul. More and more square metres (and budget) are being dedicated to the bathroom, making it one of the most luxurious rooms in the home.

The bathroom’s changing role has been driven by the luxury wellness and hotel industry, which continues to raise the bar with its spectacular bathroom design concepts and high-end amenities. When planning a getaway, it is often the show-stopping bathrooms and spa facilities that capture our imagination and lead us choose one hotel over another.

While we’d all love to jet off to a five-star retreat whenever life gets stressful, it’s not always possible or practical. Instead, many of us seek to capture some of the peace and serenity of a luxury spa at home. OK, so a bath with ocean or Alpine views might be out of the question for most of us, but your bathroom (or ‘spathroom’ if you prefer) can still be a beautiful sanctuary. Here’s how…


Embrace nature

Natural materials such as wood, stone and marble create a sense of Zen-like calm that suits a spa-style room. In addition, if there’s a way to open up the view, take advantage. Obviously we can’t all have floor-to-ceiling windows next to our bath, but even a small window onto the outside world can be relaxing.


Make it a sociable space

Increasingly, we are using the bathroom as a sociable space rather than somewhere to lock ourselves away. This is, again, a trend that started in hotels. Having an open-plan bathroom, or a bath in a bedroom, is one way of achieving that sense of communality.

We’re seeing furnishings more often associated with living rooms creeping into bathrooms – think wallpaper, rugs, seating areas, beautiful custom-made furniture and even chandeliers.


Don’t forget the finishing touches

Whether it’s the flattering low-level lighting, the fluffy towels or the luxury skin and haircare products, the little extras are what makes a spa experience feel really special. The good news is that these ‘hotel-chic’ touches are easy to replicate at home! Light a candle or two, play some relaxing music, sprinkle a few rose petals into the bath (or better still, get somebody to do it for you!) and treat yourself to a couple of hours of unadulterated peace and quiet.


No place like home

As the nights draw in, we can’t deny that a mini break at a wellness retreat would be a welcome diversion, but it’s important to make the most of what we’ve got. With a little imagination, stepping into your bathroom could feel like stepping into another world!

With high-quality, timeless bathroom pieces, the right ambience and a little creativity, you can bring hotel-style luxury home. We can help you turn your daily routine into more of an indulgent, relaxing ritual – come and see us at our showrooms in London and Tunbridge Wells, or order a brochure via our website.

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