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High Level Cisterns

Our High Level Cistern Collection

Our Traditional High Level Cisterns are available in a selection of different metal finishes to suit all bathroom designs. Our Workshops in Kent produce hand-finished Copper Cisterns, Brass Cisterns, Nickel Cisterns and we also have an offering of High Level Ceramic Cistern too. With three different standard designs to choose from, as well as the option for a completely bespoke offering, a Catchpole & Rye High Level Cistern is a stunning addition to any space.

Our High Level Metal Cisterns are available in three distinct styles. The Deluge High Level Cistern, a traditional style with a relief lettered plaque fixed in the centre. The Wheatsheaf High Level Cistern, our iconic company emblem set within a plaque. And The Regency High Level Cistern, an ornate and delicate emblem set within a plaque. We also have the ability to create custom high level cisterns using your own design. From bespoke lettering on our Deluge High Level cistern, to a completely bespoke emblem unique to your project. Contact a member of our team for more information. 


Copper High Level Cisterns

There are five copper finishes to choose from when selecting your High Level Metal Cistern. Polished, Brushed, Antique, Weathered, and Verdigris. These finishes can also be replicated on our Copper Bateau, to match creating a truly striking pair.


Brass High Level Cisterns

Our Brass High Level Cisterns are available in Polished, Brushed, Weathered, and Antique. With warm golden tones in varying shades, these cisterns are perfect for period properties as well as modern interiors. As with our Copper High Level Cisterns, these brass finishes can also be selected for our Brass Bateau. 


Nickel High Level Cisterns

Silver Nickel is perhaps our most popular finish across our brassware and is equally as striking on a Cistern. Also available in brushed and antique models, this versatile finish works in both traditional and contemporary settings. Works best with our range of nickel flush pipes and fittings.


Ceramic High level Cisterns

Manufactured in The Potteries in time-honoured fashion, our Ceramic High Level Cisterns are available in two models, The Empress and The Victoria. These traditional high level ensembles perfectly complement their respective ceramic ranges in the form of basins, W/Ct pans, and bidets. These Victorian lavatories are the ideal choice for cloakrooms and full bathrooms alike. 

The flush pipes on all of our High Level Cisterns can be finished in any of our signature brassware finishes to match our comprehensive range of products. From Aged Brass to the popular Silver Nickel, our Toilets beautifully complement all bathroom styles. 


Why should I choose a high level cistern?

A high level cistern delivers water to the W/C pan at a great velocity than either a low level or close coupled cistern so is more effective. That is why they were designed as such!

Does a high level cistern create more space?

There are two considerations here - one is that the cistern being set higher will create a more expansive feel to your room and two, it can be set slightly closer to the wall and thus create more space within the room.

Are these cistern heavy?

Generally the water will weigh more than the cistern! Just make sure you have secure mounting on your wall to receive the cistern. And if in double you can us our cistern support brackets.

Are your high level cisterns dual flush?

Yes indeed. All our high level cisterns are dual flush - simply pull the chain and hold for a short flush. Or pull and release quickly for a full flush.

Who invented the high level cistern?

There were some precursors but George Jenning is generally credited with introducing the flushing lavatory to the World at the Great Exhibition of 1851. He charged a penny for the privilege and so popular was the experience that over 850,000 people “spent a penny”!

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