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Our Workshops


Unlike most bathroom brands, we conceive and design all of our own products, and manufacture most of them at our workshops in Kent undertaking complex processes like bath enamelling and CNC machining. From the foundry where our baths are cast, to our electroplating and polishing workshops where we produce a wide variety of high-spec finishes, we have complete control over every phase of the production process, ensuring the quality and standard of each piece. Many of our expert craftspeople have decades of experience in their trades, and are now passing on essential skills to the younger members of our teams. We believe in keeping this artistry alive and thriving, in our age of mass production.

As well as our own teams of artisans, we also use local pattern-makers, wood carvers and joiners, among a host of other trades, in our quest to ensure our products are made to unparalleled standards every time. Our in-house capability also means we have the flexibility to offer a truly bespoke service that meets our customers’ requirements. Whether that’s a specific finish to match existing brassware, or customised pieces emblazoned with crests or coats of arms, we can respond quickly with creative solutions, producing superb quality pieces to our customers’ exact specifications

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