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The Foundry


Our Kent foundry is what sets us apart from other manufactures. Every Cast Iron Bathtub you see in our showrooms and workshop has been forged in our local Foundry and hand finished here in Pluckley.

Quality and longevity are important aspects of choosing your dream bathtub, and we deliver both using age old traditional methods. Our teams work with materials reaching temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius on a daily basis ensuring these techniques are there to be handed to the next generation.

So how are they made? We use sand moulds to create a bath shaped cavity that is filled by molten cast iron. Generally, baths are cast upside down and have a complex “runner” system within each mould to allow the air inside to escape.  Once the cooling process is complete the bath is removed by ‘striking the mould’. This rough casting is then sent to our Workshop where the finishing process begins.

When choosing a Catchpole & Rye bath you can rest assured that not only are you purchasing an authentic British made product, but also a little piece of history for your home.

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