Foundry craftsman Catchpole and Rye

The Foundry

Man’s ability to transform raw ores into metal objects has been one of the milestones in human development. Using the same fundamental principles, our Kentish foundry produces cast iron for all of our baths. The raw iron is heated to 1100 degrees Celsius and whilst molten, poured into sand boxes using complex runner systems.

Once cooled, these moulds are “struck” and the basic casting is revealed. A series of processes, including blasting and fettling is completed before each bath can be prepared for enamelling.


Catchpole and Rye offers a unique service to customers who wish to personalise their bath and bathroom ware. Emblems, logos and coats of arms can be conceived and cast on to our baths and cisterns.

Our skilled craftsmen first hand carve the design from wood. From this, a dedicated pattern is prepared, sand moulds manufactured and ultimately cast onto your bath or cistern. This is especially popular with hotels and large commercial projects.


The Polishing Workshop is at the heartbeat of our operation. All of our brassware, aluminium and cast-iron products, copper and nickel baths will pass through the polishing shop at some stage. This allows us greater control to achieve the finished quality of our products. We believe that quality and craftsmanship are paramount and that our customers deserve the very best. For this reason, we invest time and effort in employing and training local craftsmen to produce the highest standards possible.

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