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Lavatories and Bidets

Our Lavatory & Bidet Collection

Our traditional toilet pans are the result of generations of British craftsmanship and are handmade to the highest quality in Stoke on Trent. All our designs are beautifully crafted and feature a beautifully rounded rim and a curved bowl for a simple yet sophisticated bathroom design. Its counterpart, the Bidet toilet is no different. Conventional and simple in their design and structure, they are ideal for those who favour bathroom suites with an understated touch. Every product is handcrafted with full attention to detail.

A simple, elegant range of high-quality ceramic products, The Empress Collection is ideal for those who prefer traditional bathroom suites with an understated touch. This traditional toilet pan is a popular choice for those seeking something chic, classic, and elegant.

Available as a high-level toilet pan, The Empress High-level Cistern Ensemble offers a classic, traditional design without compromising on style. Handcrafted in the finest ceramic, it is ideal for those who favor traditional bathroom suites.

Few collections offer the striking simplicity and elegance of The Victoria Collection. Handcrafted in the Potteries, the birthplace of modern sanitary ware, the range consists of a chic high-level cistern, a bidet, and a classic WC pan.

The WC pan offers a traditional take on the modern lavatory, with sleek lines and detailing on the rim and base – an ideal choice for those seeking a slightly more minimalist design in their bathroom or cloakroom. A traditional bidet toilet can be a wonderful addition to your suite, complementing the space as well as providing its intended use.

Beautifully made in Kent from solid timber, our luxury toilet seats are FSC approved and come in two distinct styles designed to complement ceramic W/C pans. We also have our Throne seat, for those looking for a little more grandeur.

Nothing beats a classic. The Round Seat is a heavy-duty long-lasting wooden lavatory seat handmade from the finest materials. The rounded shape is based on a traditional toilet seat design and so is suitable for most standard lavatory pans.

Simple and striking, The Box Seat is a heavy-duty lavatory seat handmade in Kent from the finest materials. The square shape is based on a traditional design and so is suitable for most standard lavatory pans.

Choose from a variety of solid timbers to enhance your bathroom design. We offer ebonized oak, limed oak, mahogany, standard oak, walnut – or the option for a classic painted white.


What is the neatest option when installing a W/C pan? I do not like the plumbing to be visible.

A wall hung toilet pan may be a good option here. It sits off the floor and all the fittings are concealed.

I want to take the waste pipe from the toilet bowl into the floor. How can this be done very neatly?

You can either use a toilet pan with an integral floor outlet. This is underneath the base of the W/c and the connection will not be seen. Alternatively you can fit a ceramic extension pipe which is finished like the W/C and will take the waste into the floor.

I have an antique Victorian toilet bowl and am looking for a seat to fit this.

If there are seat fixing holes on the pan it is straightforward but if not then it can be quite difficult to get a seat to fit. It may have to fit to the wall or be supported on brackets.

How much water does it take to effectively flush a toilet?

A minimum of 5 litres is recommended. But some siphons allow up to 9 litres.

And the big question! Should the toilet seat be left up or down?


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