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Pluckley Village


The Village of Pluckley – home to Saracens Dairy which is Catchpole & Rye’s manufacturing base – is also reportedly the most haunted village in England! It is in the Guinness Book of records as it is reputed to have twelve (possibly thirteen or fourteen) ghosts.

Dating back to 1068 the village was made up of 16 villagers, 7 smallholders and 8 slaves managing 12.5 acres of meadow and caring for 140 pigs! Over the years, the village gradually expanded but in the 14th century the Black Death decimated the population.

If we fast-forward to the 1100’s to King Henry II Reign, the Dering Family were rising in favour and were gifted Surrenden Manor and the accompanying estate at the heart of Pluckley. It stayed with the family for generations, through the Victorian industrial revolution and introduction of the railway to the village centre. In 1928 the estate was sold becoming privately owned by the previous tenants and the original manor house became an all boys’ school.

However, the village is probably most famous for the filming of “The Darling Buds of May’ shot in the early 90s featuring David Jason of Del Boy fame!

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