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The Many Faces of the Bateau Bath


Picture the archetypal roll-top bath and there’s a good chance that the image in your mind bears a close resemblance to Catchpole & Rye’s Le Bain de Bateau.

First manufactured in late 19th-century France for the fashionable aristocracy, the bateau style of bath is still seen as a luxury product today thanks to its attractive shape and generous proportions. Although the core design has remained the same for over 100 years, the range of finishes and customising options that we can offer our clients makes the bateau bath a true chameleon that looks at home in any scheme, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.


Le Bain de Bateau

Like the first bateau baths, our Bain de Bateau sits on the floor on an integrated plinth and has high sides to allow for deep bathing. The curved top and wide rolled edge give it the distinctive and instantly recognisable bateau shape.


Le Grand Bateau

With Le Grand Bateau comes a variation on the standard bateau proportions. By making some subtle tweaks to the overall dimensions, we created an impressively roomy design that has an even more imposing presence than its sister model.


Le Bateau Foix

Many of our customers love the classic bateau but, for reasons aesthetic, practical or both, are looking for a bath that sits off the ground. We met this demand with Le Bateau Foix, which is cast from the same mould as Le Bain de Bateau. Its four elegant cast-iron claw feet add a touch of decorative detail to the overall look.


Le Petit Bateau

When we came across a genuine antique children’s bateau bath, we knew instantly that it would be a hit with our youngest clients! Le Petit Bateau is an exact replica of the original and comes in a range of fun paint finishes.


Painted finish

As well as the traditional polished finish, our Bateau baths can be painted to complement your bathroom scheme. We generally recommend Farrow & Ball’s range but will happily match any colour of your choosing. From the subtle pastels featured in our last blog post to the bolder hues shown below, a bateau bath can be painted to blend into – or stand out in – any setting.


Copper, Nickel and Brass

As well as cast iron, our bateau baths also come in copper, nickel and brass (with copper, nickel, brass or enamel interiors). The exteriors can be polished, brushed or weathered to suit a wide range of décor styles.

Alternatively, they can be painted a matt charcoal colour that contrasts dramatically with the glowing metallic interior.

Additionally, the Copper Bateau can be given a verdigris finish. The copper is treated with a number of chemical processes, to encourage the development of an attractive green patina, making each bath truly unique.


Custom embossing

Another way to make your bateau bath stand out from the crowd is to personalise it with a coat of arms, logo or emblem. We can create a bespoke design for you, or you can choose one of our own emblems – the C&R Wheatsheaf or the Venetian Crest.

The fact that bateau baths still have iconic luxury status today proves that they are timeless pieces. By respecting the original designs while also enhancing their versatility with a wide range of options and finishes, we have ensured that they are not only the perfect complement to a traditional period home; they can also look perfectly at ease in the company of the exposed brick and concrete of an industrial-style warehouse.

If so much choice is beginning to feel a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Take the stress out of the decision-making process by arranging an appointment at one of our showrooms – our design team will be on hand to help and advise in any way they can.

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