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Bring Hygge into your Bathroom – Stockholm Design Week


In honour of Stockholm Design Week, we wanted to talk about bringing hygge into your home and, importantly, into your bathroom. The Danish ‘cosy’ concept embraces a calm and tranquil vibe; hygge is a Norwegian term for a mental state of wellbeing.

The Danes are experts at staying happy during even the coldest of months thanks to this joyous ability to embrace hygge. A feeling, rather than a thing, there are many ways you can bring hygge into your bathroom for the ultimate in relaxation.


Hygge is a Feeling

Think about the way your bathroom feels. Textures, in particular, are key to embracing luxurious comfort. An obvious step would be to select only the fluffiest of towels, but take this a step further and think about investing in some comforting textured decor; a sheepskin draped over a chair, or a cashmere chunky thick knit just waiting to embrace you once you emerge from the bath and towel off. Sinking into a hot bath is fabulous; why not keep the sensation going once you climb out?

Appreciate your time

If you have spent time ensuring your bathroom is a carefully crafted space for relaxation then ensure you take the time to appreciate it! Set aside time dedicated to soaking in your tub, unwind to some of your favourite calming tunes and perhaps enjoy a glass of merlot. Enjoy your space, and don’t rush.


Invest in relaxed lighting. If you don’t want to change up your fittings, simply bathe in candlelight. Select candles with calming or warm scents; nothing too heady but enough to add an air of relaxation. Part of the appeal of hygge is its simplicity; select a clean fragrance, or even opt for unfragranced. Just step away from the glare of daily life and bask in the opulence of candlelight.

However you choose to embrace hygge in your bathroom…

ensure your space is designed with you in mind. At Catchpole and Rye, we are passionate about the importance of craftsmanship and the ritual of bathing; believing it should be a pleasure to retreat from your daily life.

Take a look at Stockholm Design Week for some Scandi inspiration or why not browse our bathtub selection to get the hygge bathroom of your dreams.

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