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3 things to consider for your Petite Cloakroom Transformation.


One of the most common questions for our design team is ‘I only have a small cloakroom – how can I turn it into an attractive space’?

A downstairs cloakroom can either be the most seen or the least loved room in your home. Ensuring you have adequate space and a quality finish can make all the difference between a little room that is easily forgotten to one that maximises on its full potential. The Catchpole and Rye team has been part of many stunning transformations, even in the smallest of bathrooms, so a bit of thought and effort can really go a long way.



A common assumption is that a white room will maximise the appearance of space and light. This can be true but in a small cloakroom, the purpose may swiftly be lost, particularly if you are trying to create a visually inspiring space!

Instead, why not choose a strong colour that works well with your pieces – a high impact wallpaper for example can also look exceptional. The door to your bathroom will normally be closed, so this gives you the chance to really express your personality with a strong and confident design, without disrupting the rest of your home decor. Instagram is a great source of inspiration for beautiful designs, or try De Gournay, Cole and Sons and Mind The Gap for some on-trend wall decor.


A cloakroom is unlikely to require much storage, which means you can reinvent your space to avoid any clutter. Choose a small wall mounted basin, or opt for a basin on frame which both allow for space underneath. A mirror over the basin will also bring light and depth to the room. Another good trick is to mount a high-level cistern, giving the illusion of height by drawing the eye upwards, and adding another level to your room. It is always a good idea to draw out your floorpan first and consider positioning and usability.


Designing a small cloakroom does not have to mean limiting your choices. A small space can still speak volumes if luxury fittings are chosen well. Select your pieces carefully by first ensuing all metal finishes on taps and fittings are cohesive and don’t overpower your senses. Our petite cloakroom basin for example is perfectly proportioned to keep even the smallest of bathrooms looking chic.

If space allows, consider a single vanity unit with storage underneath or a wider basin with a spacious countertop. A feature mirror can transform a small room and give the illusion of greater space. Consider positioning some sidelights either side of the mirror will add a touch of hotel glamour. For towel storage, a wall mounted heated towel rail will not only look good, but will keep your towels nice and warm.


Choose boldly!

In short, don’t let the size of your cloakroom limit the size of your design ideas. Use the space as an opportunity to explore the bright, beautiful or bold colours that may overwhelm in a larger room! If you would like more design inspiration, or to book a design consultation, please get in touch here.

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