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Catchpole & Rye’s modern classics


Last month on our blog we wrote about Goodwood Revival, the festival that relives the glory days of this classic motor circuit. As a celebration of history, classic design and great craftsmanship, we found it inspiring, not least because these values are the driving force behind our own company ethos.

At Catchpole & Rye, our passion is to create modern classic bathroom pieces that can be enjoyed and admired for years to come. We place great importance on the craftsmanship of old, employing the same techniques from the last 100 years to make our luxury cast-iron baths and sanitaryware.

Modern classic interiors have outlived many, more fleeting trends, because classic designs are rooted in tradition and quality. We make use of the innovation of the present – technology, new materials and clever engineering – without losing sight of what we have learned from the past. Throughout the home, this translates as sophisticated elegance – a mix of contemporary and classic furniture, clean lines, simple colour palettes and, above all, a sense of individuality.

As more and more interior space is given over to bathrooms, the more sumptuous they become. No longer simply a practical, functional space, they’re a sanctuary to which we can escape; a place for relaxation and pampering. When expectations are so high, it makes sense to invest in solid, well-made, timeless designs.

Catchpole & Rye designs are versatile, complementing a range of different looks. Many of our basins are based on 19th- and early 20th-century designs, but the simplicity of their lines and the ease with which they can be contemporised ­– with a sleek stand, or perhaps a modern tap – make it possible to incorporate them into any scheme.

This luxury freestanding basin is reminiscent of traditional French washstands, but the brushed silver nickel frame gives it a contemporary twist that works beautifully with the painted brickwork and wooden floors of our Tunbridge Wells showroom:

Similarly, a brass or copper bateau bath will look just as stylish in rough-luxe, industrial-style surroundings as it would in a glamorous boudoir bedroom or luxury ski chalet. The warm tones of the metallic finish prevent a super-modern space from feeling cold and sterile.

Our designs allow our customers to get an authentic period look in their homes without sacrificing any of the luxury they have come to expect. At first glance, this brass shower enclosure looks like a 19th-century relic but is, in fact, very much a 21st-century design – over 200 body jets in the pipework hit the body from all angles, ensuring a thoroughly invigorating shower!

Those who prefer a long, relaxing soak won’t find a more indulgent centrepiece for their bathroom than our French-styled Brass Bateau, with its traditional roll-top edge. We’ve also made a longer two-metre version for an even more lavish experience, with perhaps enough room for two…?

Because the majority of our products are made at our Kent-based engineering works and hand finished at our Pluckley workshops, every piece is unique and timeless. The traditional manufacturing methods we employ give us the flexibility to create customised and bespoke pieces for individual customers. Not only do our baths and cast-metal cisterns come in a beautiful range of finishes; they can also be further individualised with a house name, emblem or coat of arms, turning something functional into something truly special.

At Catchpole & Rye we understand the value of great design. Our elegant, skilfully made products really do stand out from the competition. To see some of the projects we’ve worked on, click here; if you’d like to speak to us about your project or discuss a special commission, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or visit our London or Tunbridge Wells showrooms.

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