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Choosing the right bath


When choosing a new bath, it is natural to focus on aesthetics – it is an investment piece that will be a feature of your home for many years, so loving how it looks is a must. There are, however, other considerations to be taken into account. Here’s our summary of the best Catchpole & Rye baths for a range of scenarios and circumstances…


Best for making a statement

There are lots of gorgeously extravagant options to choose from at Catchpole & Rye, but if you’re looking for a real centrepiece, two designs spring to mind. The best-selling Bain de Bateau is the ultimate French-styled bath; its pleasing curves and generous proportions will bring a certain je ne sais quoi to any bathroom. Another favourite is the Niederbronn – it holds an incredible 400 litres of water and is easily big enough for two. Can’t get more extravagant than that…

Best for luxuriating

If you like a long, indulgent soak, the Saracen could be the bath for you. Its deep and sumptuous design ensures that its occupant will be fully submerged under the bubbles. This deeper profile is typical of the original French bateau baths, which support you in a sitting position rather than fully reclined.

Best for reading and reclining

There are those who like to recline, eyes closed and fully immersed, in their bath. And there are those who prefer to sit up so that they can read, perhaps while sipping a glass of wine. If both options appeal to you, Le Piaf would be a great choice – its relatively shallow depth means the bath edge is the perfect height for resting one’s arms when reading, and its generous length allows you to fully recline and relax.

Best for tight spaces

If you have a bijou bathroom, saving a few centimetres here and there can make all the difference to your layout. Le Grand Bateau is only 1,570mm in length but remains luxuriously deep and roomy. By designing it with an elegant rim that is narrower than a standard roll top, we were able to reduce the overall length of the bath without sacrificing internal space. Alternatively, consider the space-saving 1500mm version of our brass, nickel or copper bateau – with a range of beautiful interior and exterior finishes to choose from, what you lose in length you gain in wow factor.

Best for traditionalists

Several of Catchpole & Rye’s designs are based on 19th-century designs, and all are made using traditional methods, but we’d like to give a special mention to La Provence. The elegant shape of this single-ended bath makes it a versatile choice that will suit most period interiors. It comes polished or painted to match your bathroom colour scheme.

Best for penthouse living

Cast-iron baths weigh in at between 150kg and 250kg; moving them requires the brawn of three or four strong people. The floor also needs to be able to withstand at least three times the weight of the bath (once water and an occupant are added into the equation). If you want a more lightweight alternative without losing any of the style or allure of a traditional bath, we would recommend our copper, brass or nickel bateau. At 50kg, they are easier to accommodate, especially if you live several floors up!

Best for kids

This is an easy one – it has to be Le Petit Bateau, small and perfectly formed for mini members of the family. A replica of a genuine antique children’s bath, it comes in an array of finishes including spots and stripes. Little ones will love it so much, they won’t want to get out!

To see our products in person and to get more advice on the best bath design for you, please visit one of our three showrooms.

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