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Water | Inspiration



As spring approaches & the April showers begin to descend, there is nothing more refreshing & revitalising then a warm, water filled bath at the end of the day.

Our emotional responses to water stimulated a sense of tranquility & serenity; whether captured through an ocean horizon or a gushing waterfall, water gives us an overwhelming sense of calm.

In ancient China, philosophers called ‘Taoist’s’ considered water to be a symbolic of great intelligence & wisdom. They believed that bathing in water allowed for a spiritual sense of stillness & rest, which in turn inspired great ideas & innovation. The Buddhist believed that the natural element of water symbolised purity & healing.

Our perception of the tints & shades that water creates has inspired artists & designers throughout the centuries. In the 19th century, during the Impressionist art movement, many artists recognised the emotional power of water in their paintings. Claude Monet was a prominent advocate for this movement & made water the central element of his work. Today, many art historians believe that water inspired some of Monet’s greatest paintings & symbolised the beauty & power of this natural element.

During the Roman Empire, baths for bathing & relaxing were a common feature of many Roman cities. These bath facilities were used to as a place for people to read, relax & socialise. Due to the vast scale of these facilities a new innovation in architecture was born & the first dome like structures in classical architecture evolved.

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