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Cloakroom Basin

Our Traditional Cloakroom Basin Collection

Our range of cloakroom basins is perfect for smaller bathrooms and guest cloakrooms alike. Manufactured in the UK from the finest ceramic, our range of Victorian and traditional cloakroom basins will complement all bathroom settings and interior styles. Designed to be discreet and functional our unrivaled offering of high-quality cloakroom sinks will prove to be timeless pieces of sanitary ware.

Available in our two distinctive ceramic ranges, The Empress and The Victoria, our traditional cloakroom basins are designed to compliment all Catchpole & Rye products for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms.

These ceramic basins come in two sizes; Standard Cloakroom Basins which are reasonably generous and will work in areas with a little more room. Our Petite Cloakroom Basins are suitable for those smaller, more challenging spaces. You also have the choice to fit simple basin pillar taps or if you wish a basin mixer.

The Victoria Cloakroom basins are an extremely popular cloakroom choice. Based on an original Victorian design, these ceramic sinks sit beautifully with the rest of the Victoria Range, our Cistern, Bidet and WC Pan. For an added decorative touch, our ornate basin brackets can be fitted in a finish to match the tap brassware. 

Inspired by the great designs of the La Belle Epoch era our Empress range of Cloakroom Basins exudes French style. With beautifully rounded curves and timeless features, these are the perfect cloakroom sinks to match our Empress W/C pan and cistern ensembles. As with the larger basins within our Empress Range these basins are made in The Potteries using the finest English craftsmanship.


What is the most suitable size for a cloakroom basin?

This really depends upon the size of your cloakroom. Ultimately there are two primary considerations: one is that you need to be able to wash your hands within the basin and two, that it does not affect access or egress within the room. In smaller rooms where space is at a premium it may make sense to site the basin on the wall opposite the access to the W/C.

Can I put a cupboard under a cloakroom basin?

Given that space is at a premium it may be best to simply set the basin onto the wall. A cupboard underneath your cloakroom basin will take up floor space and may make the room look less spacious.

Can I put a cloakroom basin in a bathroom?

Yes indeed. Our larger cloakroom basins are quite generous and often used in childrens or guest bathrooms.

Do I need mixer taps on a Victorian cloakroom basin?

Not necessarily. If the primary function of the room is as a cloakroom then individual pillar taps are more than adequate.

Any tips for maximising cloakroom space?

High Level Cisterns allow the W/C pan to sit slightly closer to the wall. In a smaller room this may make all the difference in providing space for a traditional cloakroom basin.

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