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Bathtub Pillar Taps

From £600.00 (ex. VAT)

Traditional and timeless, but with all the design qualities to suit a modern bathroom. Our bath pillar taps are manufactured with precision and offer a number of decadent finishes to complement your decor.

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Brushed Chrome

Polished Brass

Brushed Brass

Aged Brass

Silver Nickel

Brushed Nickel

Black Nickel

Aged Copper

 All of our natural finishes will vary in appearance. Renders are representative only and are not a true reflection of the final product.  

Our traditional, English-style bath pillar taps are a popular choice for those seeking to unite a timeless design with quality and performance.

These bath pillar taps offer an opulent take on the classic style, with chic finishes to transform your bath. We offer aged/brushed/polished brass, black/brushed/silver nickel, brushed chrome, or chrome plate. Each product is designed and hand-finished at our Kent Workshops in England.

Tap heads also have the power to change the look of your tub. Our designs include The Solheim, La Fontaine, La Loire and The English. The Solheim Lever is suitable for modern and rough luxe settings. La Fontaine features a choc ceramic lever, fired in our own kiln with a unique crackle glaze finish, for an authentically aged appearance. This option is also available with a glossy black finish. The La Loire tap head features a distinctive French 19th-century appearance with drooped handles and crackle glazed ceramic indices. The text on the indices showcases ‘chaud’ and froid’, French for hot and cold.

The English tap originates from an Edwardian design with classic capstan hand wheels, featuring crackle glazed ceramic indices for an authentically aged appearance. The writing on the indices comes with the traditional ‘hot’ and ‘cold.

All of our luxury taps range feature quarter-turn disc mechanisms within each individual tap.

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