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La Cage D’Amour

From £20,000.00 (ex. VAT)

Step inside this luxury shower enclosure for an extravagant bathroom experience… for two. La Cage D’Amour is a double occupancy heart-shaped frame with two 12-inch shower roses.

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Brushed Chrome

Polished Brass

Brushed Brass

Aged Brass

Silver Nickel

Brushed Nickel

Black Nickel

Aged Copper

All of our natural finishes will vary in appearance. Renders are representative only and are not a true reflection of the final product.  

Introducing the most romantic shower you will ever experience.

Taking inspiration from the 19th-century, La Cage d’Amour is an innovative English design that fuses two of our La Cage single showers into a heart-shaped enclosure for dual occupancy, creating a truly striking double shower.
This grand eight-foot tall luxury shower enclosure creates a true spa-like experience thanks to its magnificent frame that envelopes the users. Unlike its predecessor, this modern luxury shower enclosure comes with quarter-turn ceramic disc technology, integrated flow restrictors and a thermostatic mixing valve. True to the original, it retains two 12-inch diameter shower roses and over two hundred body jets, not forgetting a ‘toe testing’ tap at its base – the ultimate showering experience.

Of course, there are bespoke options as per all our products. The overall height can be adapted to suit lower ceilings, for example. The frame is available in a range of metal finishes including copper, nickel or brass. Showers finished in h aged, brushed or black nickel finishes will cost an additional 20% exc VAT.

Every shower comes with La Fontaine levers as standard. However, you can request one of our other tap heads or lever options should you wish. Please note that the main lever on the valve can only have La Fontaine/Noire or Solheim as a lever option. Every product is handmade and finished by highly skilled craftsmen at our Kent workshop in England.

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