Pale pink bath with dusty pink panelled wall

Unwind in style with perfect pastels

24th March 2017

Spring is in the air, and in fashion and interiors that means one thing: a proliferation of pastels! When it comes to the bathroom, however, a gentle, muted colour palette is not just for the warmer months – it works wonderfully all year round, creating a peaceful, tranquil ambience in a room that is made for relaxation and indulgence.

Traditionally seen as feminine, romantic and perhaps a little saccharine, pastels are finally showing their more versatile side. As Pantone’s Colour Report for Spring 2017 shows, they can be combined not only with other light hues but also with zesty brights and jewel accents.

Pastels also look fabulous paired with metallics such as brass and copper – another sign that they’re a great choice for bathrooms! In this image, petal-pink accessories bring out the rosy tones in our beautiful Copper Bateau bath:

Here, a polished bath and dusky pink walls make perfect companions:

And we love this display in our Tunbridge Wells showroom – who’d have thought that cisterns could be so pretty?! The rich metallics and the soft pastels complement one another beautifully, providing both contrast and warmth.

For a gentle introduction to this look, stick to a neutral palette for your bathroom and introduce your chosen pastel as you would any accent colour. Catchpole & Rye baths can be painted any shade of your choosing; whether you go for powder blue, muted mint, lemon yellow or coral pink, a crisp background will stop the overall scheme from looking too sugary sweet. This room looks so inviting ­– the pale walls and floor create a serene backdrop for the soft blue bath.

Ice-cream shades can help to counter the clean lines and hard surfaces of a bathroom, softening the space and adding a fun, quirky edge. If you’ve had your fill of industrial chic, this could be the perfect antidote!

For a neat, co-ordinated look, stick to a single colour. In this sophisticated scheme, the bath is a slightly paler tint of pink than the walls, giving it subtle prominence:

Or combine two pastels for a bolder look that can make just as much of a statement as more vibrant shades.

But contrast can be equally striking – this buttercup-yellow bath is certainly no wallflower!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the bath that takes centre stage – our cisterns and vanity units can also be painted to suit your scheme. Pastel tones will add a splash of individuality without overpowering the room.

Adding vibrant brights or dark, moody colours into the mix brings pastels bang up to date. As well as creating a strong sense of drama, this atmospheric wall adds definition to the pistachio-green bath, the contrast heightening the intensity of both colours and giving the paler shade more gravitas:

And the colour layering in this scheme has a touch of the tropical about it – the fearless combination of zesty orange, sky blue and sunshine yellow feels joyful!

To experience our vast collection of timeless bathroom pieces in person, arrange an appointment at one of our showrooms. And remember: whatever the chosen scheme for your bathroom, we can colour match it! That should put a spring in your step…

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