1500mm copper bateau against lime washed wood panelled wall

Small Spaces, Big Dreams

18th July 2017

We all love the idea of luxuriating in a spa-style bathroom, but the images we see online and in magazines of vast bathrooms with freestanding roll-top baths, roomy walk-in showers and oodles of built-in storage can feel alienating – in reality, the majority of bathrooms are far more modest in size. The good news is, however, that this doesn’t have to cramp your style! With clever planning and savvy purchases, a ‘bijou’ bathroom or en suite can have just as much impact as a bigger space.

At Catchpole & Rye, we have ways of making the best of the space you have.

Attempting to squeeze full-size products into a small room will only make it feel awkward and cluttered; scaled-down sanitaryware, on the other hand, will complement the petite proportions of your bathroom and free up floor space – a visual trick that automatically makes a room feel more spacious.

Our copper, brass and nickel bateau baths are incredibly popular – but did you know that in addition to the standard 1700mm length, we also manufacture a space-saving 1500mm version? This way you get to enjoy the style, panache and trademark curves of our Bain de Bateau in a smaller footprint.

As well as being an efficient use of space, the smaller version of the bateau brings an additional benefit: it holds slightly less water than the standard model, meaning it will take a little less time to fill. A great option for impatient bathers or those who are always running late! It’s a positive for the environment and your energy bills, too.

The same principle applies to the other elements of your bathroom. Don’t dwarf your space with too-big furniture – instead, consider choosing smaller pieces that reflect the scale of your room. Look for basin styles with curved edges – they shave off precious centimetres, leaving you with more space to move around. Our wall-hung Victoria washroom basin, for example, is 515mm wide with a projection of just 390mm.

Other Catchpole & Rye designs that maximise visible floor space include The KinrossLa Parisienne and The Empress, all of which are mounted on an elegant, slim-legged frame that can also be used as a towel rail.

All that said, there are advantages to choosing a unit with built-in storage. Even minimalists have bathroom essentials that need a home, and clutter is the enemy of the small space! At W790mm x D600mm, La Parisienne single vanity might not be an obvious choice for a small bathroom, but the generous under-basin cupboard removes the need to find separate storage space for towels and toiletries – a space-saving solution in its own way.

There’s no need to miss out on luxurious finishing touches such as heated towel rails, either. A wall-hung model will again free up valuable floor space – this neat design measures H750mm (including radiator valves) x W675mm, making it a versatile option where space is tight. If you can’t find a towel rail to suit, we can even custom-make one to your exact specification.

Another simple but surprisingly effective trick is to choose streamlined, fuss-free styles – the simpler the better. Wall-mounted taps create clean lines, reducing visual clutter, as does the concealed version of our Le Thermo shower.

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