Porcelaine Anglaise

7th January 2020

With the widespread introduction of plumbing in the latter part of the 19c British Ceramic Manufacturers stumbled across whole new world of possibilities – sanitary ware.

The skills developed in Staffordshire previously applied to their world famous porcelain was now put to use designing, manufacturing and decorating the most fantastic pieces to embellish homes throughout the Empire.

Tastes and sizes in France differed to those in England and suppliers there commissioned Stoke based potteries to manufacture items that would suit their local market.

The items shown are both manufactured by Brown-Westhead, Moore and Company in Cauldon, Staffordshire in the late 1800’s. These were made specifically for the French market where Porcelain Anglaise had a cache and would not have been available in Great Britain.

The E.P. stamped alongside B.W.M. designates Etablissements Porcher in Paris. Doulton and Co also opened offices in Paris to meet the demand for such sanitary ware.