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Beirut Showroom Collaboration

When creating a space, a designer will look to marry product, pattern, colours and texture. These pairings are fundamental to the overall visual impact of a room and determine its success.

At Catchpole & Rye, we use this same ethos in our relationships with other manufacturers so when De Gournay reached out looking to collaborate with us on their new Beirut Showroom, it was opportunity not to be missed!

Their 100-year-old Townhouse was designed floor to ceiling with their wallpaper and the vision was to dress the showroom as a functioning home.

The Foundry

Our Kent foundry is what sets us apart from other manufactures. Every Cast Iron Bathtub you see in our showrooms and workshop has been forged in our local Foundry and hand finished here in Pluckley.

Quality and longevity are important aspects of choosing your dream bathtub, and we deliver both using age old traditional methods. Our teams work with materials reaching temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius on a daily basis ensuring these techniques are there to be handed to the next generation.

So how are they made? We use sand moulds to create a bath shaped cavity that is filled by molten cast iron. Generally, baths are cast upside down and have a complex “runner” system within each mould to allow the air inside to escape.  Once the cooling process is complete the bath is removed by ‘striking the mould’. This rough casting is then sent to our Workshop where the finishing process begins.

When choosing a Catchpole & Rye bath you can rest assured that not only are you purchasing an authentic British made product, but also a little piece of history for your home.

Pluckley Village

The Village of Pluckley – home to Saracens Dairy which is Catchpole & Rye’s manufacturing base – is also reportedly the most haunted village in England! It is in the Guinness Book of records as it is reputed to have twelve (possibly thirteen or fourteen) ghosts.

Dating back to 1068 the village was made up of 16 villagers, 7 smallholders and 8 slaves managing 12.5 acres of meadow and caring for 140 pigs! Over the years, the village gradually expanded but in the 14th century the Black Death decimated the population.


The Pedestal Vase

Simply a work of art. The Pedestal Vase W/C Pan, is an original George Jennings design first registered in 1884. It won the gold Medal award at that year’s Health Exhibition and was acclaimed to be “as perfect a sanitary closet as can be made”.

Seafront Surrealism

Our iconic beachfront photoshoot was the brainchild of our Creative Designer Lizzi. Shot four years ago in the midst of spring, the harsh nautical landscape and our contrasting luxury bathware resulted in a head-turning set of images that are still as impactful today.

Her vision was to juxtapose our products with the backdrop of the deserted fishing hinterland, that featured abandoned hulks of ships, old seafarers’ cabins and abandoned railway lines amongst other forgotten jewels.

CLICK HERE to watch our interview with Lizzi.

Sea-Mist Scape

Bathrooms naturally lend themselves to having a beachy theme, but it’s hard to get that authentic seaside charm. Luckily our Creative designer Lizzi has been busy pulling together a mood board of textures and inspiration for all of you wishing to embark on a bathroom makeover.

Our Workshops

Unlike most bathroom brands, we conceive and design all of our own products, and manufacture most of them at our workshops in Kent undertaking complex processes like bath enamelling and CNC machining. From the foundry where our baths are cast, to our electroplating and polishing workshops where we produce a wide variety of high-spec finishes, we have complete control over every phase of the production process, ensuring the quality and standard of each piece. Many of our expert craftspeople have decades of experience in their trades, and are now passing on essential skills to the younger members of our teams. We believe in keeping this artistry alive and thriving, in our age of mass production.

Porcelaine Anglaise

With the widespread introduction of plumbing in the latter part of the 19c British Ceramic Manufacturers stumbled across whole new world of possibilities – sanitary ware.

The skills developed in Staffordshire previously applied to their world famous porcelain was now put to use designing, manufacturing and decorating the most fantastic pieces to embellish homes throughout the Empire.

Tastes and sizes in France differed to those in England and suppliers there commissioned Stoke based potteries to manufacture items that would suit their local market.

The items shown are both manufactured by Brown-Westhead, Moore and Company in Cauldon, Staffordshire in the late 1800’s. These were made specifically for the French market where Porcelain Anglaise had a cache and would not have been available in Great Britain.

The E.P. stamped alongside B.W.M. designates Etablissements Porcher in Paris. Doulton and Co also opened offices in Paris to meet the demand for such sanitary ware.

House and Garden Top 100 Interior Design Awards

Amid a cabaret atmosphere, the winners of this year’s House and Garden Top 100 Designers Awards were revealed at a packed event hosted and organised by House and Garden Magazine.

Held at the Spiegeltent Southbank, there was a fabulous ambience with a huge turnout, packed full of interiors designers and interior lifestyle businesses. The event was MC’d hilariously by Bernie Dieter of Little Death Club.