Brass bath - The Brass Bateau

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Gold, bold and glamorous, these stunning brass manufactured bateau baths inject pure drama into any room. Reminiscent of times past, when one bathed in front of fires, baths had to be lightweight, so they could easily be manoeuvered from room to room. Made entirely from brass sheeting and moulded into shape, they come in three sizes 1500mm, 1700mm, 2000mm and a variety of hand applied finishes.

Charcoal exterior brass bath - The Brass Bateau

The Brass Bateau with Charcoal Exterior

Brass bath with nickel interior - The Brass Bateau

The Brass Bateau - Antique Brass Exterior with Nickel Interior

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Brass Bath – The Brass Bateau

From £5,000.00 exc VAT