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Catchpole & Rye’s thermostatically controlled luxury showers evoke a sense of timeless decadence, allowing you to shower in true classic style. 

Our range of designer showers includes the ‘Le Thermo Range’ as well as the unique and exclusive ‘La Cage Range’, all of which are made from solid brass and hand polished in our Kent workshops. These luxury showers come in a range of finishes; silver nickel, brushed nickel, chrome plate, polished brass, aged brass and aged copper. 

Le Thermo Luxury Showers

The Le Thermo Range features four luxury showers; Le Thermo Exposed, Le Thermo Grand Exposed, Le Thermo Concealed, and Le Thermo Grand Concealed. Each shower has a powerful thermostatic blending valve for a revitalising shower experience and a generous overhead rain shower rose which drenches you from top to bottom. These rain shower roses come in a number of optional sizes; 8” inch, 10” inch and the largest with a 12” inch diameter.

Le Thermo and Le Thermo Grand Exposed are both thermostatic showers, where all of the pipework is exposed, giving it that true traditional appearance. The main lever on the valve is imprinted with the words ‘Le Thermo’ onto the glazed ceramic and is complemented by the traditional on/off levers. 

Le Thermo Concealed versions have more of a minimalist presentation, where all the pipework can be concealed behind a tiled or marble surface. This means you can opt to place the valve on a separate wall allowing you to turn the shower on before walking in. Visible parts on show are the main thermostatic shower valve, the on/off volume control and the overhead shower rose. The whole appearance is one of understated grandeur and sleek design. 

Both the ‘Grand’ versions of these thermostatic showers come with a handshower, hose and cradle for additional practicality.  

La Cage Designer Showers

Our exclusive La Cage Range features the La Cage and the La Cage d’Amour designer showers.

The La Cage took its design from an original 19th century French freestanding shower, which in its day was the epitome of bathroom design and status. Its impressive cage of perforated pipework has over 200 body jets and includes a large overhead 12” diameter rain shower, a thermostatic blending valve and a tow tester tap at its base, just to ensure that the water temperature is just right! Standing at eight feet tall, this solid brass cage enclosure gently envelops bathers whilst offering a unique and invigorating shower experience.

The La Cage d’Amour was commissioned for a bridle suite in a stately home, after the clients had expressed their desire for a modified La Cage. Catchpole and Rye came up with the concept of joining two La Cage showers at an angle to create a stunning heart-shaped enclosure. Allowing two people to shower side by side, each with their own thermostatic shower valve, this unique showering experience is one to aspire to.

Please take a look at our exclusive luxury showers above.



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