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Our Story

'To create something original, you must first fully understand the past'

Our story commences many years ago, when a passion to restore and maintain antique baths and sanitaryware was born. The desire to preserve the beauty of these exquisite antiques led us to make original copies, staying true to the methods used from times past.

Today, a vast collection of timeless bathroom pieces are on offer as are the values of unique crafstmanship, superior quality and a genuine care for personal service.


At Catchpole & Rye we pride ourselves on our commitment to British manufacturing, which is why we produce all of our cast-iron baths at our foundry in Kent.

The baths are poured using the same techniques that our foundry has been using for the last 100 years. Indeed, the original Bain de Bateau bath was made over 120 years ago, however the design and methods used have remained the same.

Hand finished in our workshops by our skilled and experienced craftsmen, each bath is a unique piece to be enjoyed and admired for many years to come.


Catchpole &Rye offers a unique service to customers who wish to personalise their bath or sanitary ware. Emblems, logos and coats of arms can be conceived and cast into our baths and cisterns.

Our skilled craftsmen first hand carve the design from wood. From this a dedicated pattern is prepared, sand moulds manufactured and ultimately cast onto your bath or cistern. For special projects, this work can be undertaken to bring a touch of individuality.


Because the majority of our products are manufactured in house, we have the flexibility to respond to our customers’ individual needs.

We specialise in creative solutions to everyday problems. In fact many of our favourite ideas were created in this way.


Many of our pieces are lovingly finished by hand. We believe quality and craftsmanship are paramount and that our customers deserve the very best.

For this reason, we invest time and effort in employing and training local craftsmen to produce the highest standards possible.

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